Strives to provide the best meal experience and sell your products. Because food safety is not a sales driver, employees tend to take a more reactive approach.  All it takes is one sick customer/bad review to ruin your brand image.


Provide the education and sustainable training tools your team needs to operate safely.  Your staff will never have to worry about food safety, because it is built into the framework of every operation.

Maintain your brand reputation, build employee compentence

Onsite Food Safety Classes

1-hour class on risk factors for foodborne illness as it relates to the health inspection and customer sustainability.  Classes can be customized to include your company policies.

Monthly Training Tool

Exclusive food safety training topics for clients enrolled in the Back of House Membership Program only.  Topics include critical practices and checkpoints, sanitation, employee habits, regulatory updates, and pest prevention strategies.  Share these at regular team meetings to ensure your team is always considering safe food habits.

Standard Operating Procedures & Cleaning Procedures

Recipe build sheets, wall charts, written and pictorial procedures for everyday tasks.  We help you build consistency!

Laminated Wall/Counter Cards

Employee Handbooks

Training Tools