Portia Oliver, CP-FS


Food Protection Manager

Certified Professional - Food Safety

General & USDC/NOAA Seafood HACCP

Professional Memberships​: 

National Environmental Health Association
Association of Food & Drug Officials
Food Marketing Institute
Los Angeles County Food Safety Advisory Committee 
Orange County Food Safety Advisory Committee

Portia is a certified professional of food safety, specializing in improving corporate food service programs for over 7 years.  Portia is very passionate about food safety and her social responsibility to protect consumers from foodborne illness.  She has managed quality assurance across all critical control points of the supply chain; consulting and working for food manufacturers, distributors, mobile and satellite food service operators, and retailers. 

 Some of her most notable achievements include:

  • Audited over 250 dining and food facilities
  • Wrote employee handbooks, build sheets, SOPs and SSOPs for all food equipment and operations for over 200 grocery stores
  • Created and presented quarterly trainings on food safety, cooking, food prep operations, customer service, and equipment cleaning for over 400 employees
  • Opened expanded food services in a major retail market in 10 days
  • Designed and edited a cookbook for nutritionally at-risk teen mothers for the California Department of Public Health
  • Provided Retail Food Code interpretation and guidance to businesses to support operations, equipment selection and construction.  This knowledge is vital to remove barriers and support innovation.
  • Managed legal validations and inspections for food trucks and food delivery services

Portia strives to continue to serve as a leader for positive change within the food industry, contributing her vast regulatory knowledge and passion for implementing food service excellence to a global market.