Standard LA County Practice Audit (2 hours)

2-hour inspection of your back of house, including an easy to understand summary report explaining the regulations and deficiencies noticed.  Corrective Action Plans included upon request.

Customized Comprehensive Back of House Audit 

Customize your audit to fit your needs.  We can survey cooking, cleaning, employee policy adherence, all while doing a comprehensive food safety audit.  Let us be your eyes and ears in the kitchen.  Quotes available after consultation audit is secured.

Corrective Action Plan - included

Manage your audit with custom add-ons

Corrective Action Reminder Emails

We can send daily or weekly reminder emails to ensure your team is executing important routines or repairs to ensure you are always health department ready.

Audit with photos

Add photos of each deficiency to your audit summary for just $20 more!

Health Dept and BOH Log

Organizational system for your important food safety documentation.  Some items include:  previous health department audits, BOH audits and SOPs, cleaning schedules, HACCP plans.

KitCHEN Audits

Ensure your business is always a  safe dining haven

“Back of House is a phenomenal food safety company. Portia’s skills and innate ability to pinpoint possible citation issues with the health department is one of many attributes she possesses, but she also gives you insight in full detail on how possible citations can and should be avoided; not just to pass an inspection but to ensure quality of food and service for your patrons. What really makes Back of House such a great resource for my restaurant is Portia is able to personalize a plan of correction so we can now be progressive in striving to maintain the highest level of food safety for our patrons and employees. In addition to the plan of correction, Back of House gives you templates for your own establishment to implement easy daily/weekly checklists to ensure you are keeping up with proper food safety. Working as a professional chef for several years now, I will say Back of House is a great tool for any kitchen, no matter how big or small. I highly recommend this company.”

House of Music and Entertainment, H.O.M.E. Restaurant, Beverly Hills, CA


Is evaluated 1-4 times per year based on your level of risk for making customers sick; determined by your complexity of cooking operations, food and populations served.


Audit your dining facility ahead of the health department to ensure you are audit ready. We show you what the health department looks for when analyzing risk, and what information you can provide to assure minimal risk.  Earn and keep your "A" rating.*

We cannot guarantee an "A" rating post Back of House Audit, because we cannot guarantee your team will make all of the suggested corrections ahead of Health Dept audit.